ALCS elections

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If you're a writer, please consider voting for me in the ALCS elections. (And if you're a writer but not an ALCS member, skip to the end of the post for why it's worth joining!)

I have experience on committees of all shapes and sizes, from lobbying and campaigning to reviewing financials and navigating complex ethical and strategic decisions. I'm hard-working and I play well with others. 

As an author, I understand the diversity of ALCS members and our wide-ranging needs. I’ll also work tirelessly to expand opportunities and support for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic writers, women writers and LGBTQ+ writers whenever possible, because the playing field is far from level, in life and in publishing.

There's also an election for AV writers (film, TV and radio) and I would humbly suggest Paul Powell is a great candidate for this.

You should have had an email with details of how to vote online securely. That takes you to statements from all the candidates. If not, try

Finally, if you write for a living and aren't a member then do join the ALCS. It's a not-for-profit that distributes secondary royalties to authors, campaigns and lobbies on our behalf and much more. Members include authors, journalists, academic writers, screenwriters, scriptwriters and visual artists. Thank me later!


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