ITV London Tonight: Living greener

Martin Stew of ITV News interviews me about our extension, including the zero waste kitchen, energy-saving appliances and skip-diving! The rescue hens and sunbathing dog are the real stars.

DK: How Technology Works

Proud to say I was an Editorial Consultant on this gorgeous new book from DK. I worked on the 28-page home technology section, a gig I feel I spent my life unwittingly preparing for:

I did an A-level chemistry exam paper on how microwaves heat food.

I did a university interview on how toilet cisterns work.

I spent many an evening in the eighties hanging out at a computer club hosted by a locksmith called Brian, who taught me how locks work and gave me my first file (actual file, not computer file).

I now spend a lot of time reviewing home electricals, some hi-tech and some low. I regularly have to write thousands of words on kettles. The words have to be different for each one, even though they're all fine at boiling water. I honestly don't know why I haven't won a Pulitzer for this yet...

E&T: Pocketalk

Travel tech at its most helpful: you can simply speak into this hand-held translator. (Stock photo, I did not choose to translate this naff English sentence into Japanese!)