Google Chromebooks column in Delta Sky

Another of my monthly US columns for the fab Delta Sky Magazine (click on the pic to read it). 'Tis from the May issue, sorry for the delay. You'll never guess why I had to wait for a PDF... apparently they ran out of voucher copies because Jay-Z fans (he's on the cover) stole the lot!

Evening Standard gadgets for men

A nice full page in today's Homes & Property section: easy-to-use gadgets that let you take control of your home tech. (Click on the pic to read it up big.)

N.B. According to my research, women can also use these gadgets with some degree of success. It's just that H&P were doing a men's issue, hence the kit all being black and/or shiny...

Delta Sky magazine recent columns

The June issue of Delta Sky Magazine just landed on my desk, inspiring me to upload three of my recent columns for them. Enjoy! (As ever, click on the pic to read the reviews.)