Mail on Sunday top 100 gadgets

Do read part one and part two of the monster gadgets roundup in yesterday's Mail on Sunday Live magazine.

Sadly no byline for little old me or my freelance colleagues Simon Munk and Chris Haslam who I teamed up with to write the piece. But we have honest faces, so you can take our word for the fact that it's our wordsmithery and not penned by the celebs who get name-dropped!

No prizes for guessing what I'm testing...


Upcoming test for the Sunday Mirror. This picture reminds me of my Evening Standard editor, who - bless her - thought we could move into our new loft office and then photograph it for the paper (no need to style it with fancy stuff because of course our office would look lovely, darling!)

Our office typically looks like a Best Buy store after it's been ramraided...

Loppers and doorbells

I'm hacked off with all those really long, thin scans so here's yesterday's garden loppers test and last week's doorbells test, both from the Sunday Mirror, together for your reading convenience. (Click on the pics to read.) So get yourself a nice wireless doorbell and then you'll be able to hear when it rings even if you're in the back garden pruning the hedge with your new loppers!