Old links that made me laugh

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Two links I came across while moving over to this new blog...

Do we need the Bridget Jones phone? in The Evening Standard, October 2001. My story about this cute but sexist mobile phone caught the Bridget Jones zeitgeist and was picked up by national TV news. I'm told that Samsung UK canned promotion of the A400 as a result. Oops! But what do they expect if they launch a handset that counts the calories women burn doing 10 activities that include cleaning, dishwashing, cooking, shopping and "chattering"?

The best of slim pickings in The Evening Standard, April 2002: "Small LCD TVs start at under £700 and large plasma TVs can be found for less than £5,000." Years have passed and prices of some of these screens have dropped by, ooh, 95%. Suddenly today's flat tellies seem like bargains.


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